1) Self-directed multi-disciplinary conference with unsponsored content and renowned speakers

1. Neutral and unsponsored content  - Content based on relevance and needs of the region, with speakers independently hosted by us to ensure neutrality on all topics. The two track conference will cover areas such as: fillers and toxins, cosmeceuticals, chemical peels, microneedling, lasers and EBDs, body contouring and regenerative medicine: while addressing procedural safety and complications. The conference is suited for: 
a. Plastic Surgeons: Aesthetics Surgeons
b. Dermatologists
c. General Practitioners: Aesthetic Doctors, Regenerative Medicine, Physicians and Anti-ageing Practitioners
d. Allied Health: Physician Assistant / Nurses / Medical Staff 


2. Renowned Speakers - Invited speakers are "Best in Class", who share the same vision of providing scientifically oriented contents that focuses on safety, complications, techniques and procedures; it helps that they are charismatic too!
"The structure of the conference was well planned. I would like to come back for subsequent events!” 
- Gia Khanh Dinh, Doctor, 108 Hospital, Vietnam; an attendee of the SingEx Healthcare series of events

2) Incredible value and accessibility for delegates!

1. Highly Convenient Location
a. Located at the Singapore Expo, the venue is highly accessible by Car, Bus and Train.
b. Travel time from the Singapore International Airport is under 20 minutes by the train or bus. 


2. Affordability of both conference passes and accommodation options 
a. Our conference pass prices are highly competitive within the region, with passes for Physicians at SGD 280 and Allied Health Professionals at SGD 210. We develop our pricing strategy after studying over 35 international, regional, and national events in the region. 
b. We offer a wide range of accommodation option for all types of budget ranging from inns to hotels, starting from SGD 25/night.
"Overall, good planning. Venue was well-chosen ... Excellent arrangements!”
- Pratik Mukherjee, Associate Consultant, Alexandra Health, Singapore; an attendee of the SingEx Healthcare series of events

3) We fill your bellies and your minds!

1. Premium Lunch Sets - Our lunch and tea break menu has been specially curated and prepared by established restaurant chains such as Tung Lok Group.
2. Local Delights - Curated menus allow delegates to savour our incredibly popular array of local delicacies such as-pulled tea, laksa, nasi lemak; not forgetting our all-day healthy dining options as well! Over 95% of delegates in RadiologyAsia 2017 felt that the user experience was world-class!
“The conference was really good and well structured. I would surely come again!”
- Phiphob Louangsivilay, Doctor, Sethathilarth Hospital, Laos; 
an attendee of the SingEx Healthcare series of events 

4) Learn through live demonstration and small group workshop as well

AnEW will feature a pre-congress cadaver workshop, covering facial anatomy, as well as safety procedural techniques. Interestingly, over 88% of our healthcare conference attendees indicated that they had a positive learning experience at the workshops!
“Very informative! Talked about topics which has never been discussed!"
- Sun Yu Lam, Resident, Tuen Mun Hospital, Hong Kong; 
an attendee of the SingEx Healthcare series of events