Medical Equipment import for exhibition reminder

As shared in the Online Exhibitor Manual (OEM), under HSA guidelines GN-32, exhibitors must seek prior approval from HSA to import unregistered medical devices into Singapore for exhibition purposes by namely, cargo goods or hand-carry routes. They are also reminded that any unregistered medical device which is permitted for display at the exhibition shall not be supplied for use locally, including distribution of free samples or the use of such medical devices on a human for demonstration purpose. These unregistered products shall be destroyed, duly re-exported out of Singapore or returned to the overseas supplier within the timeframe stipulated by HSA upon closing of the exhibition.

Exhibitors of unregistered medical devices are required to prominently indicate that the medical devices exhibited cannot be legally supplied in Singapore.

The exhibitors display booth and unregistered medical devices shall be prominently indicated with labels or signage SOLELY FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY. NOT INTENDED FOR SUPPLY.


Infomation Packs

GN 32 - Guidance Notes for importation of unregistered medical devices for exhibition in Singapore

Circular for Exhibitors

FORM 32A - Application form for importation of unregistered medical devices for exhibition


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